Friday, June 24, 2016

And Then There Were Plots!


These plots are reproduced from Boerner et al. (2012), which utilized initial calibrations of AIAI have now developed enough of the response module to analyse updated instrumental properties to get my own calibrations using AIA instrument outfiles from SSW.

Filter Calibration

The transmittance is a ratio of the signal received through the instrument filters.  The values match the lowest lines modelled in Figure 2 of the paper.

 Mirror Calibration


This shows the reflectance of the mirrors per wavelength, and it is exactly like Figure 5 in the paper. Huzzah!

CCD Calibration  

Updated: Here the quantum efficiency of the CCD is shown per wavelength, and now it looks like Figure 6 after loading in the UV channels.

Effective Area Functions

Each effective area function displays the efficiency of the optics around the center wavelength of each instrument channel. It is calculated using the instrument calibration properties shown in the other plots.
Updated: Since re-factoring my code, I now get the shapes expected from the paper. These show the calculated effective area in blue and the effective area loaded in from the .genx file dashed in red.


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