Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hello World. 

This blog is the beginning of my professional insights. As a current Physics and Astronomy undergraduate at the University of Washington, I hope to join an open source project offered by:

Google Summer of Code 2016

During the summer, Google offers experience to those willing to do the work! Students work with mentors from around the world to better software from various sub-organizations.

Projects of Interest: OpenAstronomy Organization


  1.  Implement Scheduling capabilities for Astroplan
  2.  Implement PSF photometry for fitting several overlapping objects at once


  1.  Lightcurve Refactor
  2.  Implementing AIA response functions in Sunpy
These projects are exciting and have great potential. As part of the next step in the proposal process, I have joined each development google groups associated with the suborganizations above, and introduced myself with a post. Next, I need to pick a project in each that matches my skills and interests to start a proposal. This is this hard part .

Time to do some project research!





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